Infected Blood Inquiry

20th August 2019

Joint Member’s meeting – SIBF and Haemophilia Scotland – Saturday 7th September 2019

Joint member meeting 11am, 7 September 2019, Mercure Hotel, Glasgow
28th February 2021

Inquiry’s response to Forum’s letter concerning Supports and Palliative Care

SIBF’s Convener, Joyce Donnelly, wrote to the Infected Blood Inquiry on 14 December last year seeking confirmations and clarity around a number of key subjects relating […]
25th March 2021

Scottish Government announce increases in payments to end the disparity between schemes in the UK

The Scottish Government today announced key changes to the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme which will be funded by the UK Government.—payment-changes-statement/ This was in […]
16th August 2019

UK Inquiry Edinburgh Oral Evidence sessions, live feedback as it happened.

A member's response to the Edinburgh Inquiry Hearings, as it happened.
12th March 2019

SIBF and Haemophilia Scotland receive reply from the Prime Minister

Shortly after the Infected Blood Inquiry Preliminary Hearings, SIBF and Haemophilia Scotland wrote to the Prime Minister. In our letter we urged her to facilitate the […]
18th October 2018

“To us it’s about life and death, to them it’s about money”

Now that the blood disaster is in the public domain and sharply in focus, well established opinions have resurfaced with both Members and Government coming at […]