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26th March 2018
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31st March 2018

Joint Member Meeting
WHERE: Apex Haymarket Hotel
WHEN: April 21, 11:00am-1:00pm

The Scottish Infected Blood Forum and Haemophilia Scotland are jointly hosting a member campaign meeting for anyone interested in the contaminated blood and blood products disaster in Scotland.

We will be discussing the Langstaff Inquiry’s consultation on its draft Terms of Reference and seeking a consensus view from our memberships. Previous website postings for more information on the Inquiry and Terms of Reference consultation can be found here.  As highlighted in that post, you may prefer to hold off responding to the consultation until after the joint meeting takes place and the note of the meeting is communicated to members if you cannot attend personally.

Some of the questions we would like your input on include:

  • On what time period or periods should the Inquiry focus?
  • Do you agree with the provisional view of what should be covered? (Please provide any additional views on what you think the Inquiry should consider.)
  • Is there any type of evidence, such as documents, communications or expert reports that you think is essential for the Inquiry to obtain?
  • Should the Terms of Reference include consideration of the care provided, and the response of governments across the United Kingdom and overseas? If so, are there any particular areas the Inquiry should focus on?
  • Do you agree that the Inquiry should seek these individual responsibilities and make recommendations?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?

The venue, Apex Haymarket Hotel is located near Haymarket Station and is accessible by train, bus or car. For more information on the venue, visit their website.

To allow us to gauge numbers of members attending we would be grateful if you would consider registering for the meeting by clicking here.



  1. Sean Cavens says:

    With regret I’ll not be able to attend, so please accept my apologies.

    Regarding some of your questions, I’d like to add the following:

    The timeframe should go back to at least 1940s when the first exposures were known, and should continue to the present day to include the destruction of evidence (despite DO NOT DESTROY notices) as well as including the difficulties people have had in obtaining their medical records.

    The inquiry should expand its search by not limiting its evidence to what is only held by the cabinet office and the department of health, but also include the MoD to which service personnel have received viruses through blood products etc

    The inquiry should also have panel members who have medical expertise as well as human rights experience.

    The inquiry should be broken down into stages, and report at each stage so those who are dying can see progress as opposed to dying without knowing.

    There should also be a compensation panel set up.

    I’ve seen other individuals and campaign groups recommendations and agree with most.

    All the best for the meeting.



  2. Thomas barry says:

    This is tommy barry, as i have said this enquiry is to little to late this stage one and stage two was a waste of time. One getting £50,000 and £1800 a month and the other getting £30,000 but no monthly payments. We were all in the same position. And about penrose inquiry was a joke and the waste of tax payers money. Lord Penrose and i hate calling him lord by the way should be held responsible for this inquiry and the millions he fraudulently wasted with lies

  3. withheld says:

    I am unable to attend the meeting, but would just like to say about people like myself who were given factor 8 unnecessarily.

    I think this should be taken into account in the TOR.

    I was administered factor 8 as a preventative against bleeding in childbirth. I got the hep c then as well.

    The factor was administered to me before induction of labour with my second child, previously I had been given cryoprecipitate.

    According to my medical records my factor 8 levels were 290% at the time, this was in 1982. So there was no need of a clotting agent.

    No thought was given to the unborn child. Although it says in my medical records-“Let paeds know as baby may be affected.”

    My blood disorder to this day has never been accurately diagnosed, but my platelets seemingly don’t work as they should.

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