Joint member meeting – Saturday 23rd March 2019

SIBF and Haemophilia Scotland receive reply from the Prime Minister
12th March 2019
UK Inquiry Edinburgh Oral Evidence sessions, live feedback as it happened.
16th August 2019
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Joint member meeting – Saturday 23rd March 2019

Joint Member Meeting
WHERE: Best Western Queens Hotel, Leonard St, Perth, PH2 8HB
WHEN: March 23rd, 1:30pm-4:00pm

The Scottish Infected Blood Forum and Haemophilia Scotland are jointly hosting a member campaign meeting for members interested in latest developments including the UK Infected Blood Inquiry.

Inquiry team members will provide updates and take questions from members.

The Hotel is very close to the Perth Railway Station:

Queens Best Western Hotel as viewed from the Perth Railway Sation car park


  1. Victim says:

    Might it be possible to formally raise the motion of Cancers linked to HCV infection, and a commitment to recognise this? .. Might we also ascertain Thompson’s Solicitors views on the matter, and possibly some articles/ formal statements from the joint organisations??

    After reading the daily Contaminated Blood Inquiry witness statements and the terrible facts of the endless (and AVOIDABLE) suffering and deaths, I would hope that the joint organisations could move forward with a policy on the Oncology / HCV front.

    If we are (as some studies say) more than Twice as Likely to get cancer than the average citizen, then in my opinion, we must have a policy (and the matter as an inclusion in Financial Review Group’s deliberations) in order that at minimum, ” a more complete understanding exists, of the ongoing suffering (inc. Oncology history) of we HCV/HIV Contaminated Blood victims ”

    Does anyone even know how many NHS HCV-HIV-challenged victims in Scotia presently have cancer?
    (or have had cancer, or have died from cancer)???
    I got my first cancer, one year, after a year of Inf/Ribavirin..

  2. AGNES SWEENEY says:

    I suffer with skin cancer. I have had a multitude of tumors removed infact I had a very large chunk of my right shine removed in march also I will have a tumer removed from my back on 19 0ct 2019. These cancers tumars being removed all over my body are coused through the emunsupresants I take so my body douse not reject the liver transplant I had to have in 2009 through a bad blood transfusion I had after the birth of my doughter in 1982. I also have pulmonary fibrosis of the lungs and need a lung transplant but may not get one becouse of all the other medical conditions going on in my body. I was told that I had 3 to 5 years to live after my diagnosis in 2015 and dont think I’ll last einother year with out lung transplant and with doctors refusing to put me on waiting list then I may not see out come of the enquiry and I also my familly have suffered all this through a transfusion I had to supposedly save my life in 1982. I wish I had just died in 1982 life would have been alot simpler and maybe pleasenter for my poor familly who have and are suffering this with me. Sorry if spelling is not perfecte as I am dyslexic but that has been least of my problems compared to what the government and NHS have put me and my familly through.Agnes

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