SIBF & Haemophilia Scotland – Joint Statement on Public Inquiry, issued 12th September 2017
12th September 2017
Cabinet Office takes over responsibility for UK-wide Contaminated Blood Inquiry; UK Government Commits to a Statutory Inquiry
3rd November 2017
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Joint Member Meeting – SIBF and Haemophilia Scotland


The Forum is holding a Joint Member Meeting with Haemophilia Scotland on:
Saturday 14th October
11am – 1pm
Mercure Glasgow City Hotel, 201 Ingram Street, Glasgow G1 1DQ

The full agenda and speakers are to be confirmed but it is envisaged that discussions will include the latest updates and key issues around the recent meetings in London concerning the Public Inquiry, the legal issues surrounding that, the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme, the forthcoming Clinical Review being undertaken and an update on the Contaminated Blood Memorial Fund.

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  1. Agnes says:

    I had to laugh at Boris Johnson saying that the £141.000 he receives a year is not enough to live on as he has 4 children and one from enother relationship . Well Boris how would you like to have contracted hep c or aids in the 70s and 80s through NHS blood and blood products like thousands of us who did and not be able to work or make a living through ILL health. When I got hep c from NHS blood in 1982, I could not work as I was ILL, my husband was also ILL because of contracting hep c from me so none of us were fit to work! Then he died at the grand old age of 39 and left me, who as I said couldn’t work with five children who were forced to live in poverty could not have much of a Christmases and didn’t have the clothes that other people’s kids had as we were forced to live on the dole – how would he and his family like to try living like that? It’s no fun for you or your kids let me tell you and a lot of other people in my condition would love to tell him the same! We would have been living an amazing life if we had half of that coming in a year. Could someone tell me what this stupid man is on about? Away and ‘boil your head’ you half wit of a man. Hep c victim.

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