Missing records ‘turning up’ again

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25th February 2017
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1st March 2017

The subject of missing medical records has turned-up again.

Reports from the BBC and others highlight that the latest large-scale missing records incident in England has been blamed on an administrative error.  It has been reported that up to 1/2 a million medical records of patients in England had gone missing over a 5 year period after being put in storage instead of being delivered to GP’s. The organisation that is responsible for the administrative error, NHS Shared Business Services, expressed regret for the failings, while at the same time investigations are undergoing into 537 instances where patients’ health may have been put at risk.

Thousands of haemophiliacs and blood transfusion recipient’s records throughout the UK have been reportedly lost, or destroyed or ‘went missing’. This latest incident in NHS England failing’s has since been rectified ‘wherever possible’. The contaminated blood community’s experience has not. As a result many people have been refused access to the Skipton Scheme financial supports.

An investigation into the latest mishap is being launched. A formal investigation into the contaminated blood missing records has never taken place. Missing or shredded Government records around the contaminated blood disaster have also been blamed on administrative errors.



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