‘A Person with ethics – is such a person to be found?’ – Member reactions to the Public Inquiry

For those that did not qualify for Personal Independence Payments (PIP)
21st December 2017
David Lidington replaces Damian Green as Cabinet Secretary in charge of setting up Public Inquiry
9th January 2018
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‘A Person with ethics – is such a person to be found?’ – Member reactions to the Public Inquiry

The plot thickens. Cabinet Office minister, Damian Green, who has been forced to resign after an apparent hatchet job; and by so doing he leaves the leadership of the UK Public Inquiry into contaminated blood in limbo; is tipped to be replaced by none other than Jeremy Hunt, the current minister in charge of the very department, Health, that was stripped of the role of sponsoring the Inquiry due to an obvious and completely unacceptable conflict of interest. This is going from fictional farce to flabbergasting fact. If you made this up you’d be laughed at since it stretches the credibility of the required contrivance to such lengths as to render it nigh impossible to imagine.

(Note – see 7th January 2018 Daily Mail link here)


So we start to get a hearing with the DWP and they change the minister, then we get access to the minister for the Cabinet Office and he goes. In Scotland we get a reasonable person to lead the Inquiry then she suddenly withdraws and we get a completely unsuitable alternative appointee. Even back in the David Owen days, as soon as he started asking difficult questions he gets a new job and his papers get shredded by mistake. Or am I just being paranoid?


I would like to say I admire and I am grateful to the Staff and Trustees of SIBF and would like to thank them for everything they do for all us victims of the atrocities of the bad blood holocaust of the 70s and 80s.

I am always too ILL to attend meetings as I have amongst other victims been through hell and still I am going through hell waiting to see if I am going to get a lung transplant which I so desperately need after having liver transplant in 2009. This has went on to cause the  health problems I have now I don’t have much energy can’t walk very fare and also on oxygen 24/7 I was told in 2001/2 I think cannot always remember dates and things because of lake of oxygen to brain but I have told you all before my story. I do hope I can make this next meeting – memory gone again  – anyway,  as I would like to shake their hands and say thanks to them and SIBF for all the hard work they do for all us aids & hep c victims and their families.

Also I would like to say my opinion on the up and coming inquiry. I think the decisions on how this inquiry is going to be done should be left to us victims who has suffered all these years through the loss of loved ones us who have had to go through transplants waiting to go through transplants the pain and suffering. It should not be left to people who have not had to endure these things unless you have been a victim or a family member of a victim like us what would you know about what we have suffered no one unless they have been through this can begin to imagine what it is like. The victims and their families are the ones who know.

Us who were contaminated and our family’s and loved ones who have suffered and are still suffering the loss of family members and the pain and torture we are going through . It has gone on just too long now.

Listen to us victims

Let us decide how the enquiry should be held for God’s sake.

Give us our day.

Make it be our inquiry and not the Government’s or Health Department’s.

It should be left to the people who are still alive and able to say how they want this enquiry to be held.


Another failure.
Promises of appointing a Chairperson by Christmas failed – six months not enough?
Stop listing to them, take group legal action for their lies and seek proper compensation for the inflected people – we have suffered enough loss and pain.
Time for long awaited action – you will get nowhere sitting back waiting for Penrose 2
Time to sue government for proper compensation just like down South. Too long taking lip service time to man up and take group legal action. Plenty money found for bexit. We need to be more authoritve as stop waiting like dogs to be fed. How long do have to wait?


One wonders where the latest developments in the endless & sorry saga of NHS- H.C.V. and H.I.V. – infected victims will lead, given that the P.M. has just made The Right Honorable Damian Green resign, over allegations of extreme pornography being found on his Westminster computer…

This comes after numerous scandalous outings and accusations of our elected Parliamentary representatives ‘fiddling with the help’.

Possibly someone with a few ethics might step into the breech, as a replacement.

But where is such a person to be found?


  1. will o' the wisp says:

    We’ve been messed about for 30 years, and they are easily up for doing it for another 10 years more.. (minimum)
    Unless we have concrete demands, then we will achieve nothing.. We don’t really have any ‘demands’ at the moment. We have few hoped-for ‘discoveries’ about individual or group culpability and NHS failings, and a safe future for all blood transfusion and factor 8 recipients..
    What does ; ‘accountability and responsibility’ mean? What does ; ‘impact on those affected ‘ mean? Nothing at all..

    Personally, my life has been terribly and totally impacted since mid-1974 when I was given this terrible disease.. c/o Clinton’s sleazy Arkansas ‘contaminated blood for personal profit’ scam.
    Do I imagine that telling them about my complete loss of health, loss of family, loss of income, loss of job, loss of home, etc. (all because of this terrible virus) will compensate for anything, except ‘getting it off my chest’…? Of course not. This pseudo inquiry will be like Penrose, & total tokenism and nothing else.. The beneficiaries will be all the lawyers, barristers and Queen’s counsel. (follow the money)

    No-one will do a day in prison for any of it, and Maxwellisation will be the order of the day, with all guilty & culpable parties pleading their individual cases against their personal & criminal actions being published, in private..
    The end result will be ; “We’ve really learned our lessons this time, and it won’t happen again”. (same old nonsense as Penrose inquiry and all of the others.)

    As the posters above say; Group Legal / Class Action, is the only way to make them see sense and to get anything done.
    How many more ‘inquiries’ are there going to be? No-where in the ‘inquiry aims’ is there any mention of ‘just and fair’ compensation.. same as Sturgeon’s ‘thinking’ when she drew up the ridiculous ‘remit’ for Penrose.
    They just love it…
    And if you think 12 million quid was a lot of money wasted on Penrose, and all for nothing, then you ain’t seen nothing yet..

  2. Richard Gilmour says:

    Great post from will o the whisp must agree with all his points.
    He points out our main fault.
    What do we want?
    What is our demands?
    We must take this opportunity to demand a proper compensation package equal to all infected people.

    This is our one and only chance

    After this inquiry that’s it, book closed, no more chances.
    Legal action now to presurise them into our demands don’t wait till outcome then raise action if not satisfied we can’t afford anymore time

  3. Richard Gilmour says:

    Demands ????
    What have our reps and legal team demanded ???
    For me
    1. Under the equality act 2010
    This government act came into force to stop people from being discriminated against.
    Demand the scrapage of so called stages or stage q and stage 2
    We are all equal and should be treated as such every infected person should be on same payments especially the annual pension rights payment.
    2. A decent long awaited large lump compensation payment.
    Make those demands as it’s what we deserve as justice

  4. Tam says:

    Don’t think in my time in my life I’ll ever hear the outcome of any Inquiries. The government has stalled on this once again, in there favour.
    I was inflected almost 40 years ago with this, from God know’s who it came from. They knew about it so long before it was given to others (who died) and still didn’t do anything until years later.. it’s a complete and utter disgrace, why not sort it out and let the people and families get their justice as promised. You may think that we’ll wait for ever and let more die waiting for the truth, but the truth be told lots of us may not be here by then and that would make things easier for the government, on the back of out suffering

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