SIBF’s Daily Mail article after Penrose
27th March 2015

The Financial Review Group Final Report conclusions and recommendations have been published by the Government civil servants and was posted on the Haemophilia Scotland website.

The pdf can be downloaded here.

SIBF welcomes the proposals but was vocal in saying they didn’t go far enough. In particular those in so-called ‘stage 1’ are denied any form of annual payments and will only receive the balance of what they were promised 13 years ago from the findings of Lord Ross’s Expert Group.

For many this will only help clear-off some debts accrued after living under poverty conditions due to loss of employment and savings.

For those who have already lost thier family homes this may seem too little too late.

For many who are having to endure work while suffering from horrendous extr-hepatic conditions often times caused by the side-effects of past treatments that were supposed to cure them, this may cause further division in the ‘community’.

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