PIP, Benefits reform and requests for Letters of Support from GP’s

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15th August 2018
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2nd October 2018
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PIP, Benefits reform and requests for Letters of Support from GP’s

Need help to support your PIP application? It seems GP’s won’t help you.

Some representative bodies for GP’s in Scotland are advising their GP members to refuse requests from their patients for letters of support.

Some consider it is not for GP’s to ‘police the Benefits System’ and it’s not appropriate for GP’s to be asked for letters of support or a even a ‘letter to confirm care needs’.

One representative body in Lanarkshire cited a lack of resources to ‘provide this service’.

They go on to state ‘there are contractual and agreed methods for GP’s to provide medical information to the DWP’; this seems to be only if the DWP contact GP practices in relation to a PIP application for example.

Please get in touch to share your experiences on this matter. If you require a letter of support from the Forum, please do get in touch.

Copies of the letters (redacted here for privacy issues) are below:


  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if an individual GP practice would provide a letter if the price was right? And do the DWP know about this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    All this benefits stuff going on. If I’m reading these news items correctly, there is the working group in London, the new Social Security agency kicking off in Scotland, and then helping members with their benefit applications and appeals. It’s a job in itself to keep up with it all.

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