Scottish applications to Skipton Fund to 2011

Support and Assistance Grants
22nd April 2016
Penrose – Transfusions – Estimates of Numbers Infected with HCV 1970 to 1991
27th April 2016



The Penrose Inquiry, roundly branded a ‘whitewash’, did nonetheless yield important information about the contaminated blood disaster as it affected Scotland and Scottish patient victims.

The diagrams below help to illustrate just some of the tables of data contained in the Penrose Inquiry Final Report.

According to the data, a total of 804 ‘Scottish’ applications have been made to Skipton, at least up to 25th February 2011.

As shown by the pie chart at the bottom of this next illustration, the the vast majority of these, 80% (536), were processed as ‘stage 1’.


20% (134 applicants) were processed as ‘stage 2’.

The pie charts on the right hand side relate to the categories people were in.

21% of blood transfusion cases (92 applicants) went on to ‘stage 2’. 16% (33) of haemophiliac applications went to ‘stage 2’. 43% of co-infected people went onto ‘stage 2’.

79% (347 applicants) of blood transfusion cases were for ‘stage 1’, with 84% (177) of haemophiliac applications remaining at ‘stage 1’.

Approximately 2/3rds (66%), 439, out of the total of 670 related to people who had blood transfusions, as shown in the Venn diagrams below.

stage-1-stage-2-Venn               Skipton-applications-Venn-Diagram

This shows relative proportions based on size and area of the circles.

Less than a third, 210 (31%), related to haemophiliacs and 21 (3%) related to co-infected people with HIV and HVC.

These diagrams highlight the majority make-up of patient-victims of the Contaminated Blood disaster, i.e. those in stage 1 and those who received the infection from blood transfusions. What these diagrams do not show, however, is the impact of multiple infection points that haemophiliacs suffered from concentrates from thousands of (infected) donors.

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