Scottish Government accepts all conclusions and recommendations of Clinical Review Group’s Report

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11th October 2018
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12th October 2018
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Scottish Government accepts all conclusions and recommendations of Clinical Review Group’s Report


Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing

Joe Fitzpatrick, Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing has stated the Scottish Government’s acceptance of the recommendations from Clinical Review Group’s Report into the impacts of HCV chronic infection.

Patient representatives from SIBF and Haemophilia Scotland were members of the Group, which was Chaired by Professor David Goldberg of Health Protection Scotland.

The Minister stated the Government’s acceptance to representatives from the Forum and Haemophilia Scotland at a meeting on 27th September at the Scottish Parliament.

This means the chronically infected (formerly known as Skipton ‘stage 1’s’) will be able to apply for regular monthly support payments.

The accepted recommendations also include the permanent provision of specialist psychological support for everyone affected. It is currently only available as a pilot to people from the inherited bleeding disorders community.

The amounts of the 3 tiered self-declaration scheme have yet to be determined or announced by Scottish Government.

We understand they will only do so once they see the numbers and categorisation of those applications.

Applicants will be asked to self-declare themselves or their widowed partners/spouses as either:

  • severely affected, or
  • moderately affected, or
  • insignificantly affected by hepatitis c infection.

Application forms and Guidance notes are being finalised and will be posted to all existing Scottish Scheme (SIBSS) registered stage 1/chronic infected, and their widowed spouses very soon.

We will provide updates next week.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear the recommendations have been accepted. But now we wait to see if they are true to their words spoken previously. If the amounts offered are still derisory and that response is justified by the lame excuse of limited budgets, they should be sent home tae think again.

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