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27th April 2016
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18th May 2016

Much of our recent research has focussed around the side-effects of past and current medications that have been offered to treat Hepatitis C of people with various genotypes.

To help illustrate the complex reactions often encountered by patient-victims, we’ve charted information, sourced from, showing the impacts of side-effects at various strength of doses.

As you may know, the main side-effects are headaches, fatique, muscle (myalgia) and joint (anthralgia) pain. Others include episodic shaking, fever, insomnia and depression.

The length of the lines/bars in the chart indicate the percentage of incidence reported by people.

The tabular data is shown separately below the chart.

The new treatments, while promising on the face of it, are not without their side-effects either and we will be covering this in a future post.


Interferon-side-effects-chart Interferon-side-effects-table

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