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3rd March 2018
‘Stage 1’ Widows
25th March 2018

An SIBF member made a comment recently which drew a stark comparison of recent UK events and allegations with the contaminated blood disaster, one involving up to 30 people, the other involving over an estimated 30,000 (1).

It is brief, succinct and to the point:

“Great to read and listen to Boris Johnson and Teresa May condemning Russia for poisoning a couple of Russians.

Getting really worked up over this – what about your own?

Condemn the (past) British government(s) for poisoning us with contaminated blood”

For those readers and observers who feel phrases like ‘state poisoning’ are not productive or forward thinking or do not allow people to just ‘move-on’, the majority of living SIBF members or bereaved family members cannot be productive or forward thinking or move-on until justice has been delivered, and seen to be delivered, and their financial needs are met in a full and fair manner. This is not old news to them, they are living with it day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. They are to be commended for their resolve. But they don’t want a pat on the shoulder. They just want to be treated fairly. They, particularly the chronically infected and affected, need financial assistance in the most practical of terms.

(1) The APPG on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood reported that the UK Department of Health estimates 32,718 people to be infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the course of medical treatment between 1970 to 1991. Media reports suggest around 30 people were affected by contaminants in Salisbury (3 directly and others in the vicinity)


  1. richard brown says:

    In my opinion, the original post has merely re-broadcast the ‘Governments’ proven lies on the Skripal matter, all concocted to demonise Russia.. It adds nothing to assist HCV or HIV contaminated blood victims plights or to the debate.. Demonise anyone, as a prelude to destabilising and then devastating their country, (usually for oil)) This time it’s Russia’s turn.. Gaddaffi and Sadaam Hussein have been previously ‘dealt with’.
    Doesn’t anyone else remember Blair and Straw’s ‘Dodgy Dossiers’ and the lies they told he to convince the west to invade, and to kill over a million Iraquis?.. (500,000 of them children.?)
    ‘Yellow Cake’, test tubes of washiing powder as WMD in Congress, ‘Aluminium Tubes’?? …Do any of those ring a bell? I would have expected SIBF to have an ethical editorial process, certianly not this..

    Further, regardless of the harm that the paid liars do to the country, I consider it extreme and irresponsible bias to assume (in total ignorance of the facts, and as if it were a ‘done deal’ ) that Russia was guilty of anything at all in this matter. Even if the Rodina were, then doesn’t everyone deserve a proper inquiry or investigation before guilt is assumed? , or is SIBF merely another vehicle for publishing proven mainstream deep-state slander, libel, & media lies, in addition to Johnson’ & May’s proven lies on the Skripal subject?
    (and of course, the deletion of critical contributors comments.)

    • Tommy Leggate says:

      The post conveyed a member’s views on current events (and as stated elsewhere these are not necessarily the views of SIBF, its trustees or staff).

      The post made reference to allegations around recent events, not treating those allegations as facts, and its intent was to draw parallels between one form of state poisoning with another alleged form of state poisoning, juxtaposing the huge variance in the numbers affected and highlighting the discrepancy in ofttimes frenzied media coverage, one with the other.

  2. richard brown says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” Joseph Goebbels..
    Job done..

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