10th February 2016

SIBF Parliament Event Video

The Forum held an evening reception at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 10th February in Committee Room 1 to launch the Scoping Exercise and the ‘Living […]
11th February 2016

Shona Robison speech at the SIBF Parliament Evening Reception

The following text is the full transcript of Shona Robison MSP’s speech at the SIBF Parliament Evening Reception:   “Well thank you for inviting me here […]
24th February 2016

I don’t live, I exist

The picture across Scotland for those whose HCV infection arose from contaminated blood is one of distrust, disempowerment, emotional turmoil, personal and family tragedy, significant chronic […]
4th March 2016

Transcript of the First Minister’s speech at the Contaminated Blood Memorial Event on 2nd March 2016

A memorial event was held for those who died following infection with HIV and Hepatitis C from blood products and blood transfusions at Augustine United Church […]
18th March 2016

Scottish Government decision on Contaminated Blood

SIBF welcomes the decision but more needs to be done to address those in ‘stage 1’ The Scottish Infected Blood Forum welcomes the Scottish Government’s announcement […]
18th March 2016

SIBF’s response to the BBC

On the day of the Scottish Government’s announcement, Philip Dolan appeared on BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive programme where he raised the issue of repeated inaccurate reporting […]